Professional Movie clapperboards or clap board or "slate boards"

365 Films present a standard clapperboard from our website

Welcome to 365 Films. We produce a complete range of clapperboard from £15 to £1500. We now offer (via e-bay) an entry level 30cm x 27cm board. Other more sophisticated boards are available from our ebay shop but if you are just starting out and need to purchasing a standard board then you have found the right place!



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Special ebay price:£14.99


And.... ACTION !

Give your home movies a professional touch with this genuine full size Movie Clapperboard. Get ready for Action!

Are you fond of making your own special ‘home movies'? If you enjoy catching your exploits on camera, why not go for the professional touch? Now when it's time for ‘Lights, Camera, Action', you can get things going with a snap of your very own Clapperboard.

This genuine Movie Clapperboard is a fantastic item of film memorabilia, whether you're a cinema buff or an amateur movie maker. It features information boxes for details such as the production number, scene and take numbers, and the director and cameraman's names. And if you're using the Clapperboard for making home movies, you can even write on it in chalk – best suggestions for production company names on a postcard.

Whether you want to create a record of a special day, tape some rollerblading (not to be tried in your local shopping precinct), or maybe film a production, this quirky Clapperboard will add that extra special something to the action.

Our clapper is "Entry Level" but not to be confused with "Novelty" style Hollywood toy clapperboards

What is the difference ?

Compare our board on the left to the toy on the right and see the difference

What things should I look for when comparing ?

A solid board with "non-glare" matt paintCheap vinyl transfer sticker
Accurate wording used on real film setsThe words "HOLLYWOOD" at the top
Anti-flash black paint can be chalked onCheap vinyl overlay that cant be chalked on
Costs more than ten pounds to buyLess than ten pounds to buy
Supplied in a protective clear wrapperSupplied "as is"
Metal rivets bind the clap stickSmall grub screws which can loosen
Looks convincing on screenLooks like a cheap toy on screen

Also known as a Clapboard, production board, production slate, clappers, scene slate, clapper boards, clap board, film slate, etc. Our Clapboards are built using the finest materials around. This clapboard is used by professional film makers and are the same clapboards used by nearly every major film studio. These clapboards have been used in numerous film productions, TV commercials, video productions, the MTV Awards and even on last year’s Academy Awards® ceremony on TV.

The Clapboard is made from a durable, tempered hardboard with a special chalkboard surface. The flat black sticks and boards are deep black and non-reflective, ideal for brightly lit situations. The sticks are made from select northern hardwoods, hinged by rigid steel plates and rivets to insure continued, rigorous use by professionals.

NOTE: Many of the novelty clappers, that look similar to this model, are made using inferior materials and craftsmanship. For instance, they use cheap wood for the board which breaks, warps and cracks easily and the finish is a slick painted surface which can't be written on very well with chalk. The sticks are poor grade lumber and are held in place by tacks rather than the 3 steel rivets and steel plate reinforcements that we use.


You will recieve a standard size board

These boards are NOT the "Novelty Hollywood" boards

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Board is = £14.99

Not "Novelty" style Hollywood clapper boards

Normal website retail is £29.99 (

We also supply a whole range of boards up to a value of £1500 each


clapperboardStandard black and white chalk board
Reasonable quality
£29.99 New price £14.99 + delivery £4.99 In stock

Standard "entry level" chalk board ideal for movie makers who want a value chalk board at a great price. These are not "Novelty" Hollywood boards you sometimes see in joke shops. These are the real deal. If you are just starting out then this is right board for you. Professional enough to look fab on screen. Ideal for those on a tight budget or new to movie making.


clapperboardProfessional Black and white chalk board
Superior quality
£29.99 In stock

Superior quality Black & White chalk board made to a very high specification. We use the same expensive clap stick fitted to our acrylic ranges below and combine it with a solid matt black board able to accept chalk. The additional £10 gets you a much better finish and a hard working board built to last.


clap boardAcrylic clapperboard fitted with black & white sticks
Quality: High
£39.99 In stock

Acrylic boards are the industry standard for filming and use dry-wipe pens to enter details. This board is our entry level model and a very popular first purchase. An excellent board at a decent price. Professional film makers will recognize the now familiar design and layout created by our team of full time movie makers. We have sold many to professional studios and crew. At this price who can argue? Can be back lit.


colour clapperboardAcrylic clapperboard fitted with colour sticks
Quality: High In stock

Does everything the same as the one above but with the enhanced Kodak style colour sticks to help colour match video during the editing process. Still a great price. Once you see the work that goes into the colour sticks you will not begrudge the extra cost. Ideal purchase for those looking for something a bit extra. These also make superb gifts to budding film makers.



small clapperboard Premium range - very small - Black and white board
Quality: Very High
£69.99 In stock

We now move up a gear into the more expensive boards. This one is the baby board and used for very tight shots. Its ideal for situations where space is at a premium. For example in bathrooms, closets etc. Layout is based on the standard size board (below) just compact to save space. All of these boards are hand built by craftsmen using quality materials.



standard clapper board Premium range - Standard size - Black and white
Quality: Very High
£89.99 In stock

The board of choice for full time professional film makers. This standard size clapperboard is the backbone to the film and TV industry. Each board is Individually hand built by craftsman. It is designed for robust performance over many projects and a hardworking all round performer. Popular for those with a good movie budget looking for quality tools. Not cheap.



large clapperboardPremium range - Very Large - Black and white sticks
Quality: Very High
£99.99 In stock

All the features of the standard board above but much bigger. Ideal for long distance shots such as mountain ranges, helicopters, tall buildings. Anywhere where cameramen are at a distance and need to see when to start filming.


oak sticks clapperPremium range - Standard size - Colour sticks
Quality: Highest quality board we make.
£149.99 In stock

Using the same acrylic face as the standard board this top of the range model has solid oak sticks for a very high quality finish. We use the finest wood and colour printing to produce the very best in clapper board finishes. The attention to detail is obvious the second you take it out of the box.