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clapperboardStandard black and white chalk board 300mm x 270mm
Reasonable quality
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Standard "entry level" chalk board ideal for movie makers who want a low cost value chalk board at a great price. These are not "Novelty" Hollywood boards you sometimes see in joke shops but the real deal. If you are just starting out then this is right board for you. Professional enough to look fab on screen. Quality is reasonable for the price but dont expect perfection. Ideal for those on a tight budget or new to movie making.


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And.... ACTION !

Give your home movies a professional touch with this genuine full size Movie Clapperboard. Get ready for Action!

Are you fond of making your own special ‘home movies'? If you enjoy catching your exploits on camera, why not go for the professional touch? Now when it's time for ‘Lights, Camera, Action', you can get things going with a snap of your very own Clapperboard.

This genuine Movie Clapperboard is a fantastic item of film memorabilia, whether you're a cinema buff or an amateur movie maker. It features information boxes for details such as the production number, scene and take numbers, and the director and cameraman's names. And if you're using the Clapperboard for making home movies, you can even write on it in chalk – best suggestions for production company names on a postcard.

Whether you want to create a record of a special day, tape some rollerblading (not to be tried in your local shopping precinct), or maybe film a production, this quirky Clapperboard will add that extra special something to the action.


Also known as a Clapboard, production board, production slate, clappers, scene slate, clapper boards, clap board, film slate, etc. Our Clapboards are built using the finest materials around. This clapboard is used by professional film makers and are the same clapboards used by nearly every major film studio. These clapboards have been used in numerous film productions, TV commercials, video productions, the MTV Awards and even on last year’s Academy Awards® ceremony on TV.

The Clapboard is made from a durable, tempered hardboard with a special chalkboard surface. The flat black sticks and boards are deep black and non-reflective, ideal for brightly lit situations. The sticks are made from select northern hardwoods, hinged by rigid steel plates and rivets to insure continued, rigorous use by professionals.

NOTE: Many of the novelty clappers, that look similar to this model, are made using inferior materials and craftsmanship. For instance, they use cheap wood for the board which breaks, warps and cracks easily and the finish is a slick painted surface which can't be written on very well with chalk. The sticks are poor grade lumber and are held in place by tacks rather than the 3 steel rivets and steel plate reinforcements that we use.


You will receive the standard size board

These boards are NOT the "Novelty Hollywood" boards

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This is not the "Novelty" style Hollywood clapper board

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